Mr. Popular (H20Vanoss)

Mr. Popular (H20Vanoss)

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Okay. I'm going to do a legit description for this. *clears throat*

Jon and his mother have moved out of the U.S and into Toronto, Canada. His father, well, let's just say he's a different story on his own.

On the other hand, Evan has had the great life for some time... Until a year ago some nasty rumor was let out, practically destroying a lot of friend ships. 

When Jon and Evan bump heads, it isn't pretty. Actually it's pretty ugly. Can these two get along? Or will they just beat the snot out of each other?

(There is some rather darker stuff in this book. So, you have been warned.)

That moment when you reading and you realize that you ARE in your first class that ALSO happens to be science xD
I have 8 classes a day and they all last 45 mins besides 1st and 4th hour because we get extra time for breakfast and lunch but anyways, my 6th hour is choir and I love it.
Missing the bus is so stressful :P even trying to make It to my bus stop is stressful since it comes ten minutes late and sometimes not 
                              ( ̄ω ̄;)
Snort land.....😶😶😶😶 you know what? That is a BEAUTIFUL name
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Excuse my while i take care of a certain, issue... *takes M16*
It's lucky that long distance relationships don't always work out