Lost memory  {Ciel x Reader}

Lost memory {Ciel x Reader}

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elizabeth7midford By elizabeth7midford Updated Nov 05, 2016

(Y/n)'s childhood friend is Ciel Phantomhive. When (y/n) was young and was playing with ciel, (y/n)'s mother forced her to be separated with Ciel. 
Years later, they meet again.
(Y/n) doesn't recognize Ciel at first, but ciel tells her about the past.
Elizabeth is getting jealous of the two of them.
Alois then comes in and takes (y/n) away. 
what will haopen to Ciel if she is gone?
What will Ciel do?
what will Elizabeth do?
what will happen to (y/n)?
does (y/n) and Ciel love each other?

Find things out in this story!
P.S. this is my first fanfic so please enjoy and I hope you like it.^^

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