Lost memory  {Ciel x Reader}

Lost memory {Ciel x Reader}

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elizabeth7midford By elizabeth7midford Updated Nov 05

(Y/n)'s childhood friend is Ciel Phantomhive. When (y/n) was young and was playing with ciel, (y/n)'s mother forced her to be separated with Ciel. 
Years later, they meet again.
(Y/n) doesn't recognize Ciel at first, but ciel tells her about the past.
Elizabeth is getting jealous of the two of them.
Alois then comes in and takes (y/n) away. 
what will haopen to Ciel if she is gone?
What will Ciel do?
what will Elizabeth do?
what will happen to (y/n)?
does (y/n) and Ciel love each other?

Find things out in this story!
P.S. this is my first fanfic so please enjoy and I hope you like it.^^

Oh my god so much work for you Sebastian i feel terribly sorry for you i can't imagine how long it would take to finish
I'm more of the person who does- okay these shoes for this month and next month are these shoes, and if they get tattered or wet something like that, I'll wear some shoes similar to them. It's sort of weird how I plan it. I even put it on my reminders or at the end of my notebooks
TeraWusHere TeraWusHere Jul 21
Orange dress
                              Orange bow
                              My favorite fruit is orange
                              Favorite color is orange
                              Im a happy person
BlaringHalo BlaringHalo Sep 24
What's are man? 
                              Doge reference, don't listen to me XD
Light blue with black lace and white bow. And some pink diamonds to give the dress a spark of color
This is great I love blue! I love i5 so much that it it's my dog's name