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Girl Almighty By Officialfangirl17 Completed



All the worry about not finding her in time. In time. I will find her, that's for sure, but what if I'm too late?

All the pain I held. If it weren't for me putting her in that car she would have been in my arms right now, safe and sound.

All the guilt. All the sadness. All the loneliness I felt without her beside me was eating me up inside. 

I would never admit it though.

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imselfishikn0w imselfishikn0w Nov 11, 2017
We don’t need to know how your house looks like but whatever
mizaarie mizaarie Oct 28, 2017
I can’t wait till they use the rest room in this book. “We took a shít. You could hear the splash.”
mizaarie mizaarie Oct 28, 2017
hsxtwoghosts hsxtwoghosts Dec 24, 2017
I know violence is bad and all, but whenever there is a fight at my school, I just watch cause it's just so interesting and it hypes me up
radioseptember radioseptember Nov 16, 2017
Wow. I had no idea. Was starting think Amanda was pee pee and he got it cut off bc he's a dog and when you're a human dog you cut off the pee pee and not the balls and so he wanted to take Amanda with him to let the lady's know that he in fact does have el pee pee
mizaarie mizaarie Oct 28, 2017
I thought this was still Harry’s pov and thought I was reading a Larry book for a second 💀💀💀