Daddy's Desire

Daddy's Desire

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January Reign By JanuaryRegino Updated 11 hours ago

"Pearl, please call me Daddy from now on," Mr. Stirling, I mean Daddy said.

"Yes daddy" I replied back but I couldn't look up at the man who just adopted me.
 I think he has some kind of daddy kink. I mean like, what kind of man, 10 years older than me, successful, handsome, and single would want to adopt a 17 year old girl like me? 

He gently holds my chin and tilts it back so I could look up at this man that was my new daddy, "You are mine now." Oh my..

nicole16 nicole16 Jun 20
Everyone here is talking about the car and I'm here like...
                              WHY THE HELL ARE YOU SITTING ON YOUR PHONE?!
meljv1 meljv1 Sep 14
"Smash the faces of them" thats funny i thought of hulk smash
kinda_chillen kinda_chillen 2 days ago
Is it just me or does every ddlg story the little was beaten as a hold or have a tragic past like wtf can I have a happy little
petite98 petite98 Apr 27
I have read this a million of times..... But I can never get tired of reading it....
                              In vampire diaries
.....I literally said Audi R8 as Audi Rate....I'm just....I'm a defective human