Daddy's Desire

Daddy's Desire

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January Reign By jannyyx_ Updated Jan 08

"Pearl, please call me Daddy from now on," Mr. Stirling, I mean Daddy said.

"Yes daddy" I replied back but I couldn't look up at the man who just adopted me.
 I think he has some kind of daddy kink. I mean like, what kind of man, 10 years older than me, successful, handsome, and single would want to adopt a 17 year old girl like me? 

He gently holds my chin and tilts it back so I could look up at this man that was my new daddy, "You are mine now." Oh my..

S_JUNIOR S_JUNIOR May 02, 2016
Why do they always use this car it's boring why can't something else lik volvo,bmw,ford,porsche or maserati orr
_daylaylay_16 _daylaylay_16 May 22, 2016
Haha Precious.... 
                              I can not say that word without it sounding like the creepy dude from "Lord of the Rings" that has 'precious' things with the ring 😂😂😂😂
Mirage_Of_Heavens Mirage_Of_Heavens Apr 18, 2016
If I were him I'd tie them up in chains and feed them to the zombies in the apocalypse (if there's any)
TheLibarian TheLibarian Dec 18, 2016
everything precious included in this book ftr btw
                              food and pearl
gaubrielle gaubrielle Jun 23, 2016
Hey love the book but a 17 yrs old and a 27 no offence but why 27 when it could of been 25 or 26
Pet_Submissive Pet_Submissive Jul 06, 2016
Aw shite. LA traffic is baaaaaaad. Once I sat in the same spot for 3 hours