Two Assassins (A Nalu AU)✔️

Two Assassins (A Nalu AU)✔️

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Lucy Heartfillia is a runaway from her father who is a leader of the Gang Sabertooth. Which is a Assassination group. 

She ran away because of all of the abuse he had put her through mentally and physically. 

She runs away with her Brother and her cat, along the way she finds a girl named Wendy, she has been left behind by her brother. 

Lucy decided to take her in despite how young she was, and taught her to kill for defense, when lucy couldn't help her when needed . Lucy promised to help her find her brother. 

Along their journey, they meet Natsu Dragoneel who is Wendy's brother, the two were reunited, as a thanks to Lucy he decided to help her get into a guild and restart her life, they became partners, best friends, and they protect each other from the incidents that come up, that might just destroy her life once again.  

Her adventure starts with a little hurt and then ends and a fun adventure with a metal lover, a bookworm, a drinker, a matchmaker, stripper, a cake lover and a pyromaniac who she falls for. 

Will he help her escape her demons or will he just fall in love with her instead.

Started: January 15, 2016
Completed: May 29, 2016

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Dfly17 Dfly17 Jul 21, 2017
Lories! Think about Lories! 
                              JUDE HEARTFELIA IS NEXT ON THE OTAKU HIT LIST. 
                              (Or my deathnote book)
TheBadMatchmaker TheBadMatchmaker Jun 22, 2017
Anyone else think Lucy is like Killua from HunterXHunter rn? 
                              Oh just me? Ok then..
Imayume123 Imayume123 Jul 10, 2017
Just shoot him in the face!!! You had a gun why take out a knife???
MeadowLane5 MeadowLane5 Aug 13, 2017
Alright people lets torture Jude until he dies. I need you people to help me find somewhere to hide him while we torture him
YourLocalFriend YourLocalFriend Dec 16, 2017
Loiscamacho Loiscamacho Dec 23, 2017
                              if a miracle like that happened
                              i wouldve bought 9 candy stores and
                              all the anime related stuff in hot topic and other stores