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Fifty Shades After ii

Fifty Shades After ii

95.9K Reads 3.1K Votes 44 Part Story
Mune By HS_mune Completed

We've heard Ana Steele, we've experienced Christian Grey and we've witnessed the ascending of Theodore Grey. The youngest of Greys is next.

Phoebe (Phoebe May Grey) has just arrived from France expecting a beautiful reunion with her family. However, when she begins to notice her big brother's absence and secretive behavior, she's shocked when she sees a stunning platinum blonde exiting Ted's building one Monday morning.

Phoebe wants nothing more than to be as close as possible with Ted, but with the new girl and some drama of her own on the way, will she be able to?

★Please remember that this story and the previous FSA have compromised information. Do not get confused- IT IS ONLY A FANFICTION.★

*Please read the first Fifty Shades After before you begin to read this one.*

MRLM88 MRLM88 Aug 25, 2016
OH!! I was lost for a minute on who Jamie was, it's been awhile since I read Teddy's story lol
Xxstranger606xX Xxstranger606xX Mar 29, 2016
I remember since I just finished the first fanfic a while ago XD
venessamrodrigues venessamrodrigues Oct 31, 2015
omg. waiting for another chapter. its getting more n more interesting
outragedteen outragedteen Oct 31, 2015
Is it possible to be jealous of a character relationship with her entire family?
JackieValdez2 JackieValdez2 Oct 31, 2015
Yah thats what I do when I think back of those scenes ekkkkk
vickiluv22572 vickiluv22572 Oct 31, 2015
Ohh this is like the begining of the epilogue when ted says his sister came back from france!