His wife

His wife

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Miss_Irresistible By ShaniquaRimon Updated Mar 18

He burst through the the door in full on rage .. "What the hell did you do?!!" he yelled in my face . I cringed at the tone , but i stood my ground.
"What i shouldv'e done long time ago!" i fired back .
I'ts about time i start standing up for myself , he's had his rules set bu i never agreed to it !

"Don't you ever yell at me !!" he yelled back me , i decided to challenge him , there's no backing out now.

"Or what?" i asked , in one swift movement i was pushed up againts the wall. He had my hands pinned up beside my head. He was dangerously close!

"Don't temp me Sophia" he whispered fiercely 

Sophia is Strong independant and bold but it all changes when you get married to Aiden. Who's controling and quick tempered. However she starts regaining her old self and setting things back in order. Rather he likes it or not.

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zinnius zinnius Jul 27, 2017
I'm sorry, I just can't 😑. Why aren't you're I's capitalized? Isn't that like a basic rule of English 🙄🙄😑😑
sadnah sadnah Apr 25, 2017
That's a very judgemental thing to say. If you want to have sèx everyday there is nothing wrong about it. If you want to only have it after 'marriage' there isn't anything wrong with that either. Everyone has their own preferences.
Wonderland15888 Wonderland15888 Jun 12, 2017
I love the story line. It is funny. There are some spelling and Grammatical errors. But other than that it  is awesome. Nice job.
Sushidog101 Sushidog101 Oct 22, 2017
She .... I like her.......i would totally do that ....good book so far
sammy_gonza321 sammy_gonza321 Jun 15, 2016
You need to tell somebody or run away and find true love and happiness
geko101 geko101 Sep 07, 2015
omg no, he beats you and now this, please just dump the guy. 
                              botg of you need to leave your men