Raku Ichijou x reader

Raku Ichijou x reader

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OtakuFangirl By Animelover2787 Updated Jun 03, 2017

You sister Chitoge has made a new 'friend' by kneeing him in the face. That day which you transferred from The U.S to this school was a bad day because you had to find a locket which looked oddly familiar and be chased by boys.

You were currently in a house that wasn't yours with your onii-san. B

"One of you will be dating a boy----" Dad said. "But I already have a pro----" I said not wanting to continue my sentence and holding on to my necklace which was a key. "Why do one of us have to date this guy?!" Your sister said even if she didn't know him. "I heard he's handsome" Your father hummed. "Yeah bu---" The curtain that covered the room was opened and you saw a familiar boy and your sister with a shocked face.

You just smiled since you knew who this was, Ichijou Raku, a classmate your sister doesn't get along with. I was happy that it was someone I know.

"These young ladies here are Miss Y/N Kirisaki and Chitoge Kirisake. Starting tomorrow you'll be boyfriend and girlfriend tomor...

TheNon_ArtisticOne TheNon_ArtisticOne Oct 24, 2017
I love the Boyf-Riend reference 
                              ........if there was meant to be one.....
ArianaKonon ArianaKonon May 21, 2016
Oh god. My arch nemesis
                              A dress and pigtails
                              😠How unpleasant to meet you....once again.