UnLucky (Midorima Shintaro x OC)

UnLucky (Midorima Shintaro x OC)

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FujiSyuuske By fsyuuske Completed

A stunning beauty, a tsundere basketball player.

"Ne~ Your Midorima Shintarou right?" 

A sudden meeting

"Yeah, who are you nanodayo?" 

A mysterious smile

"Play me, one on one but if I win then you'll be my boyfriend"

spiceyg spiceyg Oct 10, 2015
I got a question: where did u get the artwork for the cover from?
MCNobles MCNobles Sep 17, 2015
Her brother is akashi. I'm sure with the following evidence:red hair and eyes and shoes. 
                              Poor midorima, you should've listen to that little voice but I guess pride is too important with men. Not that it was bad, lucky he got a liver though his pride sure took a lot of damage.
MCNobles MCNobles Sep 17, 2015
It makes me laugh just knowing that one way of getting a lover is challenging a guy and winning. Not only do you get to stump on their pride but him as well.  Awesome!
aesthetic_ck aesthetic_ck Aug 22, 2015
I think her brother is Akashi since her hair is pinkish color and that's close to red and he's rich and has bodyguards. XD Yeah, I think it's Akashi.