My Bad Boy (Editing)

My Bad Boy (Editing)

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D.O'briens wife By LunaOfWolves Completed

Book One 
Not Edited 

Two teens, One world, Many 
feelings, And A LOT Of Drama.


Started : 2015 
Published : 2016


It all started with a bet between the two of them: Who falls for who first, they both lost and turned it into a relationship maybe that wasn't the best idea though. 

Crystal and Christian are nothing alike they're total opposites,  but opposites attract right? That's what they all say maybe that line doesn't apply to everyone.
 Because it didn't for us 

>> "What the heck is wrong with you?" he shouts loudly making me shake lightly. 

"What the heck is wrong with me? What's wrong with you?" I say back to him "you can't just get arrested and then break up with me over nothing" I yell at him. 

"Why?why did you break up with me?" I whisper going to touch his shoulder, he backs up and shakes his head "I-I" he looks at me before turning around his back facing me 

 "I don't know why. I just don't want you" >> 

One bad boy and mouthy good girl, will that ever work? 

This is a only rough draft,  please bear with me for the grammatical errors . . . 

Second book: Crystal.

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depressedly_elvis depressedly_elvis Jun 11, 2017
Straight to the point but as soon as he said i can't do this anymore my foot would be crushing his dick
YoSmurfQueen YoSmurfQueen Aug 11, 2017
I wanna do a research on mythical creatures and the number one thing on my list is :Unicorn
depressedly_elvis depressedly_elvis Jun 11, 2017
Brownies because they are amazing and i would get sick of the coldness of my mouth
Imydolanx Imydolanx Feb 20
What wattpadd bad boy isn't played by Fransico Lachowski 😍
EFay2023 EFay2023 May 09
I wanna train wolves to hunt for me but i dont want to tame them
adri_6013 adri_6013 Feb 08, 2017
I woulda went to the concert THEN dumped her arse JUST BEING HONEST 😂