Thanks Buddy ♕ httyd

Thanks Buddy ♕ httyd

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bye bye By CZelestiaXY Completed

"Thank you, For everything..."


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KitKattKittt2349 KitKattKittt2349 Jul 31, 2016
Holy god! I was crying then ok when it said it was a nightmare then crying at the end! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
PennyPony100 PennyPony100 Apr 22, 2016
Ok so before I read anything I just wanted to say that when I read the title I cried.
KitKattKittt2349 KitKattKittt2349 Sep 11, 2016
I was wondering if you could read my book it's called See You Again. It's like this book and it's my best one yet
KittyCatGamer98 KittyCatGamer98 Jan 23, 2017
                              You are the first author to make me actually cry.
KitKattKittt2349 KitKattKittt2349 Sep 09, 2016
Ok I read this again and I'm crying!
                              I JUST FINISHED CRYING?
KitKattKittt2349 KitKattKittt2349 Jul 31, 2016
I am crying right now! I was crying when I heard that Their going to split up in httyd 3