Love Can Be Hell (my TBBT sequel)

Love Can Be Hell (my TBBT sequel)

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Ch.1: The Price of War

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the BBT characters or the plots of any kind. This is purely for fun.

Author's Note: Sorry for the delay my dears. Anyway, here's the first chapter of the sequel to Avoiding Coitus; those who are just reading ought to read that first-it's humorous and romantic, trust me. Ask the reviewers.

Kate helped Sheldon to his feet; he took her hand and with some unguided strength, he stood. While Kripke, having been shot point blank between the eyes, and suffering from his blatant injury (whimpering like a little girl), held his face, squirming.

"Don't worry, Kripke," cooed Kate with the malice of a cat that had just watched a dog get taken in by the pound, "you won't be blind...for long." With an evil grin, the light in her eyes gleaming, Kate walked from him. Sheldon followed her, a little alarmed by her malice.

"Kate," implored Sheldon.

She stopped and turned to him.


"I believe there's a line figuratively drawn on the playin...

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ImJustALoserWhoReads ImJustALoserWhoReads Dec 31, 2016
I can so see him doing something like that, and it be adorable
beautybyiva1 beautybyiva1 Jul 18, 2015
I've been waiting for costume party soo long 
                              Love this chapter