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First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

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ゆみ♡ By Starish10 Updated 16 hours ago

I opened my eyes, and all I want to see first was, you.

But you're not there.

"Where are you?" I whispered to myself,
"Jimin-ah, do you still remember.." I heard your sweet voice.
"..our First Meeting?"

Bangtan is a quick sand I'm in that place so yeah trapped but I hv no regrets
cl_1004 cl_1004 3 days ago
Senti from the first and second chapter... I think i know what my mood will be for the next few weeks
V_pikachu V_pikachu 4 days ago
the mum reincarnates as the girl :∧) i must be a genious ╮(╯▽╰)╭
cl_1004 cl_1004 3 days ago
I just read a Jimin fanfic where he gets reincarnated omg wut dis
cl_1004 cl_1004 3 days ago
Me too I wanna be under the blanket with you and I sound crazy but I don't care
cl_1004 cl_1004 3 days ago
Spoiler Jungkook. You guys are gonna get married and have a kid called Jungha💘