First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

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ゆみ♡ By Starish10 Updated May 15

I opened my eyes, and all I want to see first was, you.

But you're not there.

"Where are you?" I whispered to myself,
"Jimin-ah, do you still remember.." I heard your sweet voice.
"..our First Meeting?"

tae_cup tae_cup Jun 14
Wow, I already have an idea about the way this story's going to go
Same Jungkook...I do a weird face whenever I don't get the problem.
Guys what if his mom reincarnated as the girl?? Oke I'm weird now don't listen to meh 😂
BTStarz_5 BTStarz_5 May 28
I know how you feel.. you're not alone ChimChim. We both have small hands and my parents weren't happy about me getting a 38/40!! Is that not good enough??!!! OMO!! Like, what is it with Asian parents? Always wanting their children to get the highest out of everybody!!😂😂
Cutemochi95 Cutemochi95 Aug 05
Me when I have to turn off all the lights downstairs😂😂
Omg authornim did u use their actual story cause that actually happened they talked about it in a show