First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

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ゆみ♡ By Starish10 Updated May 15, 2017

I opened my eyes, and all I want to see first was, you.

But you're not there.

"Where are you?" I whispered to myself,
"Jimin-ah, do you still remember.." I heard your sweet voice.
"..our First Meeting?"

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JJK3nana JJK3nana Dec 16, 2017
taehyung : hm noiji noiji noiji bery bery noiji
                              awww cuteeeeee
JJK3nana JJK3nana Dec 16, 2017
"HA CHUMMMM!" jskjsjsjjsjsksjs
                              i wanted to type "ha cum" but yea, since yall are dirty minded so the answer is nah
GummyYoon93 GummyYoon93 Sep 24, 2017
You are a year too late , I already drowned in this blackhole
JJK3nana JJK3nana Dec 16, 2017
Taehyung's being normal? shieyt. imagine him with his normal look, doing nothing, shooting us with his fcking sexy glare, wearing gucci's outfit. fck this is a look
JJK3nana JJK3nana Dec 16, 2017
If u show off ur nice body, i bet the teachers wouldnt mind too and strted to fangirling/boying AHHSJJSJJAJHAA
JJK3nana JJK3nana Dec 16, 2017
too late pft. We are all in your trap pftttt. *playing compilation of jimin's fall*