First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

First Meeting {BTS JIMIN FANFIC}

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♡ {currently busy!!} By Starish10 Updated Oct 29, 2016

I opened my eyes, and all I want to see first was, you.

But you're not there.

"Where are you?" I whispered to myself,
"Jimin-ah, do you still remember.." I heard your sweet voice.
"..our First Meeting?"

Eloquentwaeele Eloquentwaeele Dec 07, 2016
Why the heck did the doctor smile then. Maybe she'll go to their school in her new life..? I don't get how though, wouldn't she have to live more years to catch up to original age.
sarahpham16 sarahpham16 Dec 16, 2016
Haneul ♡ Jungkook (from your book Ms.Right) I loved that story soo much. Made me cry ;)
lemonadyoongi lemonadyoongi Dec 12, 2016
well i see that youre scared too since you cant type 'scared' properly 😂😂😂
areum_sofia areum_sofia Oct 30, 2016
Eonnie haha I will read this like I read the first ever story that I read in my whole life and it is the "if I was his ms. Right" when I finish reading it and know that you have a new story again I read this until the end hehe
Eloquentwaeele Eloquentwaeele Dec 07, 2016
*Insert Instant replay of classic jumpscare w/Jimin and Hoseok woman- screaming here*
lemonadyoongi lemonadyoongi Dec 12, 2016
ppi . tam . mul . ;-; i think i have a theory about bs&t ;-;