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Living With A Stranger-A Tao Fanfiction-

Living With A Stranger-A Tao Fanfiction-

276 Reads 27 Votes 5 Part Story
Lace By simplyymai Updated Dec 24, 2015

Elethwyn Kittrell just wants to live a peaceful, semi-quiet life. After graduating college and getting an English teaching job in South Korea, she decides to live in a different apartment than the one that the school provided. Upon arrival, everything goes smoothly; as it seems that Elethwyn doesn't have an apartment mate. Then, it all spirals downward once she meets the ever mysterious Huang Zitao. Friend or foe, she'll have to deal with him or move out.

  • exo
  • exotao
  • huangzitao
  • tao
  • taozi
  • zitao