The Captains Kisses| (#Wattys2016) ✔️

The Captains Kisses| (#Wattys2016) ✔️

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In Ivory Jenkins senior year, she wants to commit herself to soccer. She had dreamt of this since she was the age of five. The only thing that kept her from playing soccer, was her parents. What they didn't know is that she has been making money to pay to play for a club team. Scouts have already seen her but want to see her play for her school, which means she can no longer play soccer behind her parents back. They had money, they were set but definitely far from rich. She has to maintain a 4.0 GPA, which means, no parties, no boyfriends, and no soccer. Ivory finally gets her parents to agree to let her try out for the team. Ivory has until February to get herself ready for tryouts. So she did the only thing she could think of. She asked the captain of the boys soccer team to train her. 

Ryder Stevens. The captain of the soccer team. He has money, looks, and girls. Well, he isn't the player of the school if that's what you're thinking. He has relationships but doesn't sleep around. He doesn't like full commitment. That all changes when Ivory walks into his life.



I also agree. Jerome is kind of a douchebaggy name if you ask me (sorry to the non douchebag Jerome's of the world)
Oh my god I'm fangirling right now this is too cute and I love cats!!!!!
ambitiousintestine ambitiousintestine Jul 17, 2016
aaaaaw *.* Guess they just needed an ice breaker to go back to being best friends, I guess more than that gradually ;)
Book_Queen_55 Book_Queen_55 May 09, 2016
Nice 😏😏😏😎😎😎😍😍😍😙💕💕💞💞💞💘💘💖❤
Katelyn_13_02 Katelyn_13_02 Jun 21, 2016
That's how my school is with the boys and girl soccer seasons.
Katelyn_13_02 Katelyn_13_02 Jun 21, 2016
You know it would be so cute if that was like his nickname for her when they were younger. It would be so cute.