Diabolik Lovers Drabbles !

Diabolik Lovers Drabbles !

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『悲鳴』 By Alisugawa Updated Jan 28

Just a collection of Diabolik Lovers oneshots~ and a little bit of scenarios featuring the Sakamaki, Mukami and Tsukinami brothers ^^

I do fluff, lemon, angst, cracks and AU~ There will be warning for any explicit scene so no worries of tainting yourself ^^ But keep in mind of what Diabolik Lovers is like, y'know it's like... that >< So don't blame me if you read some weird words or actions in a chapter I don't put a warning at *^* Oh well~

Enjoy people ε=ヾ(*・∀・)/
that's the kaomoji Kou once used in twitter btw

I'VE STARTED EDITING ALL THE CHAPTERS PUBLISHED! As I have said before, they're being edited for grammar or spelling errors and the use of tenses~ They won't change much and I won't add many additional words because I'd like to show how much I have improved over the year ^^

First Published on July 18th 2015.

__aundri__ __aundri__ Jul 02, 2016
I think Subaru is the most decent guy out of the Himalayan monkeys I mean ya he punches walls and has anger issues...*which he needs to sort out -_-* but besides that he keeps a fair distance in between and he doesn't do much. \(*^*)/
Fluttershy93118 Fluttershy93118 Nov 20, 2016
Mind telling me how there are 18 and 13 months in a year? XD Sorry just had to!
lukeclifford23 lukeclifford23 Sep 04, 2016
i'd rather play with your tiny little pony tail at the front of your head
-asanoyuuki -asanoyuuki Oct 02, 2016
Yay! Angst! :DDD
                              I like how everyone is like "I love lemon" and I'm here like "I... love angst..."
Anime_Musix_Lover Anime_Musix_Lover Sep 11, 2016
Btw does anybody knows where I can watch season 2 bc it never has anything when I look I was just thinking reading the manga since I couldn't find season 2 so plz help
whatdoyouwant12345 whatdoyouwant12345 Nov 30, 2016
"Ahh that was nice of him... Oh now we are kissing... NAP TIME"