Diabolik Lovers Drabbles!

Diabolik Lovers Drabbles!

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『悲鳴』 By Alisugawa Updated Feb 28

❝Desire is like a starving beast.
Although pursuing this longing is inevitable, it is also natural.❞
ーLord Richter

She stands in the sea of crimson, hands gently cradling the fruit of sin.

With a twisted smile dancing on her lips, crazed eyes staring into void; she bites the red jewel of temptation without a second thought and so she laughed.

"-i'm coming to your rescue, my love."


P.O.V. Series [Angsts written in their point of view]:
✦ Shuu's P.O.V. (2 Parts)
✦ Reiji's P.O.V.
✦ Ayato's P.O.V.
✦ Laito's P.O.V.
✦ Subaru's P.O.V. (2 Parts)
✦ Ruki's P.O.V.
✦ Kou's P.O.V. (3 Parts)
✦ Azusa's P.O.V.

Fairytales AU:
✧ The Sleeping Beauty •Shuu•
✧ Snow White •Subaru•
✧ Beauty and the Beast •Yuma• (3 Parts)
✧ Alice in Wonderland •Laito•
✧ Maleficent •Reiji• [Part 2 IN PROCESS]

Enjoy people ε=ヾ(*・∀・)/

[Published on 18.07.15]

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WhiteWolf15656 WhiteWolf15656 Nov 29, 2017
10 Days and Metempsychosis are amazing stories! And you should do 10 Days for like ...
I think Subaru is the most decent guy out of the Himalayan monkeys I mean ya he punches walls and has anger issues...*which he needs to sort out -_-* but besides that he keeps a fair distance in between and he doesn't do much. \(*^*)/
Fluttershy93118 Fluttershy93118 Nov 20, 2016
Mind telling me how there are 18 and 13 months in a year? XD Sorry just had to!
malenctzen malenctzen Sep 04, 2016
i'd rather play with your tiny little pony tail at the front of your head
-angstchild -angstchild Oct 02, 2016
Yay! Angst! :DDD
                              I like how everyone is like "I love lemon" and I'm here like "I... love angst..."
MUSICIAN_2020 MUSICIAN_2020 Sep 11, 2016
Btw does anybody knows where I can watch season 2 bc it never has anything when I look I was just thinking reading the manga since I couldn't find season 2 so plz help