Blood Rite (Book 2 of the Reincarnate Series)

Blood Rite (Book 2 of the Reincarnate Series)

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KaelaGeorge By KaelaGeorge Updated Aug 23, 2017

Book 2 of the Reincarnate Series

What Icarus has desired for the last one hundred years has finally come be home in the Were World. 

But it came with a hefty price.

Danielle is prisoner in the place that was once her home. As her vampirehood progresses, her memories are beginning to return, along with her almost insatiable thirst for blood. If fearing her own powers wasn't enough, adding the swirl of frightening memories of monsters and demons is driving her to insanity. With nowhere to go and no one to help her, Danielle feels she is sinking into despair.

The Were King is determined to use Danielle's powers to protect his kingdom. But when Danielle discovers there is so much more to his plan than anyone realized, Danielle knows there is only one way to protect the very world, and vampire prince, that betrayed her. She must die.


  • castle
  • icarus
  • love
  • rebel
  • romance
  • vampire
Justhewayouare3 Justhewayouare3 May 20, 2017
Wait a minute
                              *Searching for something*
                              Oh yeah here it is
                              *Taking out a gun*
                              So who was the one who called Danielle a 'tool'?
rebekers rebekers Apr 21, 2017
Aren't they all on the good side?? I don't see how King Jarob is evil. Isn't peace something they would want?
Justhewayouare3 Justhewayouare3 May 20, 2017
Hello mister King or whatever they call u... She's not a dog n what makes think she will still trust Icarius!!
Crimson_Night667 Crimson_Night667 Feb 08, 2017
I know this not like the 'I hate him' comments but I'm honestly curious. What did she destroy? What caused her to 'destroy everything for him'?
RobbyStarships RobbyStarships Sep 23, 2016
The fûck you mean she destroyed it for you? Ya old paddy wagon ass bitčh
shopaholic_shauna shopaholic_shauna May 26, 2016
I literally want to enter the book and strangle him and stab him in the heart with a stake or whatever it takes to kill him. I am so mad at him rn! I was rooting for you!!!!! And you betrayed all of us, so now you need to suffer😡😤