The Lost Princess of Windrains

The Lost Princess of Windrains

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Kaiღ By bunnydream199 Updated Nov 24, 2016

Mavisland is a mystical world unknown to humans, where faeries cannot use their magical powers without a small mythical creature called fae pet. It's a world that was once unified, but now divided into two sides: Light side & Dark side.
Windrains are the most powerful royal blooded faeries among all the seven kingdoms in Mavisland. In many instances, are chosen as the master of the legendary fae pet - the most powerful fae pet who are only born once in a thousand years.

With a faerie of powerful inner magical abilities and a fae pet to match that, the dark side has never won a war they waged themselves once in a thousand year for thirteen years. 

But now that the Windrains had gone into sudden extinction and the most powerful dark fae pet will be born... will darkness finally enveloped Mavisland or will light finds its way to shine at the darkest times.

Language: English

Date Started: July 17, 2015

Date Finished: XX-XX-XX

Cover by @Silver_Chick

Highest ranking: #2 in Fantasy