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Rebecca never chose to be the perfect daughter of the Dutch. She was born to the honorable Dutch and Duchess White,  of Laban. One of the last monarchies in the world. 

She never enjoyed wearing those stifling dresses, or going to her mother's fancy parties. But she did it, because it was the "proper" thing to do. 

One day in the mid spring, the White family received a letter. The prince was looking for a bride. 

All around the country, daughters of higher standing gathered at the castle, dressed in the most lavish, expensive gowns imaginable, to try to win the Prince's affections. 

Rebecca only went to please her mother, but she never expected to catch the wickedly handsome Prince's eye.

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None of the pictures are mine! I did make the Cover though. Rag man is not my story. All the rest is mine. 

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Glenna1972 Glenna1972 May 10, 2017
I like the first chapter I can't wait to see what's going  to happen next
KirstenBuchan KirstenBuchan Oct 21, 2017
Omg I wasn’t expecting to read James Patterson’s name but when I did I smile so wide my cheeks hurt. Maximum Ride will always hold a special place in my heart
saanndiii saanndiii May 24, 2017
Nice intro and start to the book, although I've never read anything like it and hope it's good
Failgoddess Failgoddess Apr 19, 2016
I´m seriously sorry if anyone has told you this already but it´s not dutch but duke.
radz04 radz04 Feb 21, 2017
Actually, I was expecting for a  carriage not limo.  Lol😁
crazycowww crazycowww May 21, 2016
Corsets make your figure LOOK better, but they really mess up your ribs and insides. It's not healthy to be that compressed all of the time.