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Accidental hybrid: vampire/angel (BK1) (OLD VERSION)

Accidental hybrid: vampire/angel (BK1) (OLD VERSION)

309K Reads 11.5K Votes 100 Part Story
Lea Hall By ARagingQuiet Completed

The branch less scratching at her bedroom window and the numbing cold she feels in the warmth of her bed frightens Amiee. Her nightmares show her two creatures that claw at every part of her minds as she sleeps. One with wings and the other with sharp teeth. But her dreams seep into her reality when she meets the two creatures face to face. Both of them completley different from the other. But there need for Amiee is the same but the reason is very much hidden from her. Both are enemies to each other so they each attempt to get to Amiee first. But there raging war doesn't just bring Amiee into it, it makes her a part of it. And maybe just make things worse.

If a Vampire Angel hybrid is born, it instantly dies.
                              Cuz ur Vamp side can't drink blood else ur angel side would die. And ur Vamp side would crave blood, then as soon as u drink it u die.
Ok sweetheart , when u have scary dream every night since u were 6... that does not mean it is a coincidence...... don't ever think it's a coincidence!!!!! That's what happens in every horror story!!! Like LEARN FRON MISTAKES DUDE!!!
iiFuzzyEmo iiFuzzyEmo Aug 30, 2015
This is very good. It's a nice concept.  Watch out for spelling mistakes though. Very interesting beginning, and quite the original creature.
GothicLolita22 GothicLolita22 Jul 04, 2015
this book is far more interesting than the other one.. like hell the begging is awesome..
Chantalbff Chantalbff Dec 25, 2012
@kasturipoetry seriously, that's the w orst nightmare you've ever red about?? I've read waay worse.
ARagingQuiet ARagingQuiet Jul 08, 2011
@kasturipoetry hey, glad you like it, your comments and votes are welcome lol and u need any help on anything give me a shout =D