The Hood

The Hood

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TheMilitantEarthworm By TheMilitantEarthworm Updated Mar 06, 2013

Every story has a beginning; some more interesting, fascinating, or bizarre than others. Some stories have heroes: princes, princesses, or even frogs. All stories have, however, controversies.

Fights, heroism, men and women sacrificing their lives to help others. And all stories, my dear reader, begin with the same phrase, whether hidden in another or not.

This phrase has been known for years and years, stretching out into the dusty golden past of storytelling. This phrase is...

 Once upon a time, a long, long time ago....there lived an old squirrel. But that is not where our story begins.

Our story starts past that. It resides outside of the squirrel's home forests, past the rivers and valleys and fields outside of the forbidden forests, in an old and beat up cradle where, if you looked underneath the tattered blankets, you would see a tiny baby girl.

This, my dear reader, is where our story begins. This is what our story is all about.

However, as all things associated with time...

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