Daughter of Captain Jack (Torchwood  and Doctor Who Fanfic)

Daughter of Captain Jack (Torchwood and Doctor Who Fanfic)

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Hannah Hatter By Hannah_Hatter Updated Dec 13, 2016

My name is Airiana Harkness. I'm twenty years old. I live in London with my dad. I know. Twenty years old and I'm still living with my dad? How lame is that? Well, not exactely. See, i didn't really have a normal childhood. I had been born on a spaceship. My mother had pressed a button on my father's time manipulator and sent them both to a small empty rom in the middle of a space war. That's where she died giving birth to me. My father had to go over, under, through and around aliens fighting, just to get me out of that ship and to Cardiff. That's where he started his buisness called Torchwood. It was outside of the government, the police force, everything. The twenty first century was where it all changed, and you had to be ready or you would die. My father also met a woman called Suzie, who was like a mother to me. She'd taught me how to ride a bike, how to build a teleporter, how to cook, which didn't work, everything. But then she committed suicide and Gwen joined Torchwood. I snooped through my father's stuff and found a file on a man with a box that was bigger on the inside and traveled through time and soace. A few days later, there was an alien crashing and under the rubble was a blue police box . That was the day I met the Doctor.

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