Survive [Mad Max: Fury Road]

Survive [Mad Max: Fury Road]

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Sabrina By UnderMySkin Completed

#24 in Action [September 11, 2015]

One woman's story of survival in the Wasteland that was once known as Earth. From Immortan Joe's prized Breeder to Nomad, follow Omega as she is forced to leave the Citadel and into the Wastelands, and onto the Fury Road.

All characters aside from Omega go to George Miller and the creators of Mad Max: Fury Road.

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UnderMySkin UnderMySkin Dec 14, 2015
@petertheparasite wow thank you. I never meant to evoke tears with this but I'm very glad I have!
petertheparasite petertheparasite Dec 14, 2015
This is amazing. It's been a long time since I've cried but this did it. 👏👏👏. You struck all the right emotions and didn't make it to gory to read. I can't wait to read more of your work.
kaizen95 kaizen95 Oct 21, 2015
*sniffs* No Konstantine ( yes that's my real name), you will not cry! You are a man!
UnderMySkin UnderMySkin Oct 15, 2015
@kaizen95 Thank you :) I hope you feel that way about the rest.
ImmortanHolmes999 ImmortanHolmes999 Sep 13, 2015
Nice, I like her independence, and I also like that you didn't explicitly write out the r*pe scene.
UnderMySkin UnderMySkin Sep 04, 2015
Haha, that was my intent, so I'm glad! :) I hope you enjoy the rest of the story,   one more chapter until it is complete