Bound by Blood (An Anya Maynard Novel)

Bound by Blood (An Anya Maynard Novel)

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*Book Three of the Anya Maynard Series*

Life has never been easy for Anya. It seems like her entire life she has fought for, well, her life and these days death threats have become the norm. Mated to the Alpha of the Appalachian pack and daughter of the Alpha on High himself she was amply protected, but as a half-breed of human and the purest of werewolf lines there were plenty who would see her dead simply for what she was, never mind the rift she had caused by shifting power equally to the females as well as males. Not bad for someone who had only learned of her wolf heritage a year ago.

But with trouble brewing along the southern borders her soul mate, Connor, is left with no choice but to travel without her to evaluate the situation. In his absence it’s Anya that’s in charge. This is her chance to prove she was capable of everything she promised the females were…and it has left her overwhelmed. Throw in the physical and mental exhaustion she feels because of the strain the distance is putting on her soul bond with Connor and she can’t help but doubt her abilities. There was still so much she didn’t know about her race or even the beings in her own town…

Things compound when a chance encounter reveals a new enemy, one just as powerful as the wolves…and not of this world. Before Anya and her pack can figure their motives someone very close to her disappears and another is beaten and left for dead. They’re left with more questions than answers and the only wolf that can help is a stranger new to town, a woman claiming to be of Anya’s blood. 

Anya doesn’t want to believe this woman-her father was her only kin-but even she can see the similarities between the two…

…including the woman’s own supernatural gift.

Shelima-Baldur Shelima-Baldur Jun 23, 2012
hey there i know you're working on into the night and all... but i'm curious when you'll start the next anya :D because i just re-read book 1&2 in two days... starting book three now :D but anyways hope to see how it goes on with anya soon!
Mimm83 Mimm83 Nov 25, 2011
@JosieH Ha ha, well as much as I appreciate it, I hope you've squeezed a nap or two in there
Mimm83 Mimm83 Oct 25, 2011
@Malissa11 Actually no, this is the third. A Father's Sin is the second, if it helps the list is on my profile what order the stories are in
Malissa11 Malissa11 Oct 25, 2011
this is the second book right? because i'm confused by ''father's sin''
Mimm83 Mimm83 Aug 05, 2011
Testing....testing....nope, definitely NOT getting any email notifications today *sigh*
Mimm83 Mimm83 Aug 05, 2011
@witeaya I think that's all Anya knows is drama the poor thing ;)