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Fear the Feels! By TheoryKierei Completed

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Book 2 ReckLess
Book 3 SenseLess
Being homeless isn't the end of the world. At least, that's what Zachary thought when he found himself on the streets after being kicked out at seventeen. It hadn't been his fault. His father had used him as a scapegoat and won his mother over, thinking that her husband was telling the truth about his cheating and that Zachary was the one who was bringing women over, trying to ruin their marriage. 
He'd argued his side, but once his mother decided on something, her mind would not be changed. 

That's how he came to live in the alley near the end of 73rd street between the old bakery and a laundromat. It wasn't anything special, but after three years he'd managed to spruce up the place and make it almost-bearable to live in. 

Over the years he'd made friends with random people he often passed on the streets and did manage to hold down a few random jobs, but like everything else, they came, then went. Now he was left with fifteen dollars and twenty-two cents, a torn blanket, one outfit, and a dream for a better life. 

He just didn't know that he'd find it somewhere he'd never thought to look... or with someone he never knew he'd want.

If I was homeless, I would be depressed about getting overexcited about broccoli. This just awful...
Brianna0415 Brianna0415 Sep 16
....y'all knew this was a bxb book so y y'all reacting like this 🤦🏾‍♀️
Pupperloni Pupperloni Sep 16
Y'all all talking bout the 'stranger' and I'm like how is his hair after 3 years
Hollow-Haven Hollow-Haven 12 hours ago
Oh God I suck. I have given Orien an accent which ends up with me having him say Zachariah rather than Zachary. 😂
DingDong79 DingDong79 Sep 13
Lol, havent eaten anything for a week except left over biscuits😂 lets share some food bru cause I've got no momeehhh
loleata loleata Sep 18
I feel like he should be buying something more substantial than broccoli 🤔 Broccoli has way too few calories for the price, he could get a can of tuna for the same price, it has a lot of protein and if it's in oil then also, well, oil. Much more filling.