Kidnapped By A Gang Leader

Kidnapped By A Gang Leader

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Amber By badvibex Updated Mar 05

He is a criminal.
She is a innocent girl.

He is cold hearted.
She is loving and caring.

He is the lion.
She is the lamb.

He is dark.
She is light.

He is like a devil.
She is like an angel.

Find out what happens in "Kidnapped By A Gang Leader".
First published : July 16, 2015

I suck at descriptions sorry.

Umm he is ugly as heaven and let me tell you heaven is the ugliest place ever
bisssshhhh you didn't even give her time to "willingly go with you" 😂😂
pinky2275 pinky2275 Sep 09
Gosh if that happened to me. *locks door* *shuts window* *grabs baseball bat*
Wow, I wish it was that cheap and fast for pizza... And they have that memory thing now for the phone number calling and the order being ordered so that's probably how they know her name...
lmao at least his bringing her phone 😂😂😭 I would be like "you cute and you brought my phone"
Not weird at all
                              But if you have Fransisco as ur stalker luckyyy