nudes // j.g

nudes // j.g

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EL-LI-NOR↠ By gilinskydaddy Updated Sep 04, 2015

"I have your nudes."

"So? And I have your dick pics."


in which two teenagers form a bond over having each other's nudes. 

story idea by: traplordmaloley

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lana_ea lana_ea Oct 11, 2017
I litterly got done watching my friend sent this guy and so now all o see is his dick cause he sent us nudes
Youscreamlikeacat Youscreamlikeacat Nov 01, 2017
Yeah but if it gets on the internet you will die of embarrassment
-wes10 -wes10 Sep 05, 2017
i used to just send my nude eyeshadow palettes but i'm a thottie now so
chicbitch chicbitch Apr 05, 2017
i literally have a friend named Brody who is 2 grades lower than meh.😳😳😳
Moonwalker5487 Moonwalker5487 Jun 03, 2016
I just read that first sentence and I already know that Melanie is me
caitgilinsk caitgilinsk Feb 12, 2017
There's a guy I know and when he doesn't check his phone for two hours he has like 90 snaps😂