Shifter Academy

Shifter Academy

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Shifter Queen By chloemar2000 Completed

'Book 1 in the Shifter series'
My name is Celina Birch and until yesterday me, and my siblings; Sydney and Alexander but Alex for short, thought we were human.

Turns out we our from a family of shifters but, we would not know thy due to our parents dying when we were young and being adopted.

The animal you shift into does not run in blood like people think. Yes, some family's lean more towards one animal but there are occasions where a member will shift into a different animal. It all depends on your personality. 

There are 22 types of animals you can shift into. Some are common and some are rare. Now we have the birds: the Ravens, the Eagles, the Vultures, and the Falcons.

Then we have the felines: the Panthers, the Tigers, the Cougars, the Snow Leopards, the Cheetahs, and the Lions.

Then we have our canines: the wolves, the foxes, the coyotes, and the hyena's.

Are common because there are the mythical ones too.

The flying creatures: the Hippogriffs, the Dragons, the Pegasus's, the Phoenixes, the Thunderbirds.

The water creatures: the Sirens, the Mermaids, the Kelpies.

The shapeshifting academy is kind of like Hogwarts with the letters and using owls for sending mail. Yes, there is a castle for the academy and no, there isn't any witch or wizards those are supposedly extinct. Now I have to go were going to find out what animal we shift into at the ceremony soon.

If only I knew then that there was actually 23 types of shifters

In this book there is surprise, mythical creatures, and don't forget about mates. 

Please read this I try to update as fast as I can and its like my third book so no mean comments please!!!

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Mangle_1000567 Mangle_1000567 May 20, 2017
lol i love at the end were david gives the death look to the kids
StephenWaltman StephenWaltman Dec 28, 2016
Shouldn't this say how an arrow gleams, not how an air gleams
Sunni1989 Sunni1989 Mar 21, 2016
I am sorry to rag on your book but the use of their for there and your for you're is very confusing for me when u go back and redo your book please correct these grammatical errors.
Trisscar Trisscar Dec 06, 2015
when you mentioned wizards and witches be extincted my first thought was maybe the shifter's killed  them and renamed Hogwart's