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Free! Lemons and More

Free! Lemons and More

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E. By Penny087 Updated Feb 14

" A-aiichiro sempai," you yelled and waved at him.

Aiichiro was only a few months older than you some how you managed to confess your feelings to him about a year ago it was a bit awkward seeing that you were completely shy every time you were around him you just blushed each time you heard his voice. It was time you grew some balls and asked him out but even then your words were muffled but understandable he accepted your feelings towards him because he liked shy girls also you were irresistibly cute, and nice as so was he.

" (y/n) you waited for me ?"

" Y-yes I-I wanted to see you ," you blush 

" Why don't we go out on a date today ," he exclaimed and smiled at you. 

" S-sure ."

" Great ! How about I drop you off and then pick you up at midnight I want to take you some where special."

" M-midnight ? Its a bit late don't you think."

" Don't worry I will talk to your mom and convince her it will be fine."

You two talk all the way to your house and just let the time pass by. Wh...

My parent would never be this chill, he'd ask and her immediate would be no, she'd still say no while Saltily throwing condoms and birth control at me then I'd catch her spiking my drink with the pill at dinner
Ariel_Yukimura Ariel_Yukimura Apr 18, 2016
Finally, Aiichiro is one of my favourites and sadly there aren't many lemons of him so thanks for writing this ^^
Stfu mom you were probably stuffing condoms in my purse when i wasn't looking xD
BUT MOM I NEEEEEEEEDDDDD ITTTTTTT - Me telling my mom that i wanted a Haru bodypillow