New Student ( Lesbians )

New Student ( Lesbians )

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Khalil is a new student at vixion Highschool and everyone is dying to meet her, even some teachers. She's a stud, her lifestyle is different from everyone's. she handles Business on the streets and in clubs along with her so called " homies". shes 17 her parents disowned her when she was 8 so she went and lived with her grandparents, they ain't that old yet but they still spoil her though until she found her own house.
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D'Sharie was an ordinary Highschool girl with the perfect life, at least that's what everyone thinks. She lives with her big brother fending for her self cause her parents disowned her when she was every little. At school she's quite as well as the girl with an amazing taste in style, perfect shoe games and her hair is just breathtaking. People say there her friends but she really doesn't see them as one, they always ask to go shopping with her but that only leads to her wasting her money on them. She works at a strip club " Diamond chix " few dances from her be earning thousands of dollars.

A tragic accident happens where these two meet.., but the place they meet at brings questions to one another. What will happen to these two?

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You know you've been watching too much YouTube, when you read this like a youtuber would