Flirtatious Redemptions (gxg)

Flirtatious Redemptions (gxg)

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Priscilla By lemon_swirls Completed

When Marcelle and Elizabeth realise that they are in love with each other, it's not too bad. It's when they realise they want to sleep together that the trouble starts.

Although they feel that they can't publicly be together, a series of sordid liasions mean they end up falling for each other more and more deeply.

They are in love, but trapped in a world where sneaky smiles and occasional smokey eye contact is all that they can ever be. Will they ever be able to be together, or will society crush them ... forever?

** If anyone gets offended by any kind of sex or strong language then this probably is not the best book for you. I'll try not to make it too graphic (I'm not in to that kind of thing ... I'm innocent I swear) but y'know ... ENJOY **

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lemon_swirls lemon_swirls Mar 26, 2013
                              Ahahaha really?? Well, I'll see what I can do then lol, look out for the chapter that I'm about to upload ... :)
DanniSden DanniSden Mar 26, 2013
@Run_With_Scissors  i would enjoy to see ur story way too much graphic :P lol 
                              this thing is like spicy to any kinda story no matter gxg bxb or bxg lol
- - Mar 09, 2013
                              Hmmm ... I'll believe that when I see it <3
scintillator scintillator Mar 08, 2013
This sounds like a coming-of-age story for the two girls.  I'll give it a read and tell u what I think.  Thank U.
lemon_swirls lemon_swirls Mar 07, 2013
                              Wow really? Haha, I would usually say 'perhaps it is you' but seeing as this is gxg ... maybe not xD
MarcelleDelapierre MarcelleDelapierre Mar 07, 2013
Wow, your main character has the same name as me! :O (Marcelle!)