Goode To Be Back

Goode To Be Back

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A/N Disclaimer: I do not own the PJO series! All rights to Rick Riordan! And so, the sequel to Goode Luck! I suggest reading that one before this one, it might make just a bit more sense... This is a shorter chapter just to kind of ease into the story. I hope to update every few days, and to never go a full week without an update!

Hayden POV- One year ago

"Are you sure, Rachel?" I asked for probably the thousandth time. The redhead growled and crossed her arms over her old t-shirt.

"Well, nobody's seen him in a week, all his stuff is still there, Annabeth's gone off the deep end... yes I'm sure he's missing!" She burst. Trinity put her hand to her mouth, and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. It was still a little weird having her as my girlfriend. After all, we'd been friends for so long. But it was a good, weird feeling.

"You'll find him, won't you?" I asked. Rachel just shrugged.

"We're doing what we can. He's been missing before, you know? He came back eventually. Percy's ...

Ari1270 Ari1270 Jul 09
And Nico, well we're never really sure with Nico but he's just hanging around somewhere 😂😂😂😂
Pfffft no that's at the very top. Right above:Fight the Giants,Try not to die,Fall into Tartarus,and OH I Don't know maybe STOP GAEA FROM WAKING!
Way to rip my heart out for a second time! Rick Rordian did that the first time!
Nico.... what are you doing in your cabin with Will?! 😂😂😄😉😉
2_Stiles_Stilinski_4 2_Stiles_Stilinski_4 Jul 21, 2016
Way to rip my non existing heart out... I don't know how you did it but you did.
You just ripped out and tore apart the heart I never actually had