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Goode To Be Back

Goode To Be Back

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A/N Disclaimer: I do not own the PJO series! All rights to Rick Riordan! And so, the sequel to Goode Luck! I suggest reading that one before this one, it might make just a bit more sense... This is a shorter chapter just to kind of ease into the story. I hope to update every few days, and to never go a full week without an update!

Hayden POV- One year ago

"Are you sure, Rachel?" I asked for probably the thousandth time. The redhead growled and crossed her arms over her old t-shirt.

"Well, nobody's seen him in a week, all his stuff is still there, Annabeth's gone off the deep end... yes I'm sure he's missing!" She burst. Trinity put her hand to her mouth, and I wrapped my arm around her shoulders. It was still a little weird having her as my girlfriend. After all, we'd been friends for so long. But it was a good, weird feeling.

"You'll find him, won't you?" I asked. Rachel just shrugged.

"We're doing what we can. He's been missing before, you know? He came back eventually. Percy's ...

Pfffft no that's at the very top. Right above:Fight the Giants,Try not to die,Fall into Tartarus,and OH I Don't know maybe STOP GAEA FROM WAKING!
Way to rip my heart out for a second time! Rick Rordian did that the first time!
2_Stiles_Stilinski_4 2_Stiles_Stilinski_4 Jul 21, 2016
Way to rip my non existing heart out... I don't know how you did it but you did.
You just ripped out and tore apart the heart I never actually had
She says it like it was an everyday sentence yeah my friends are in jail no big deal (note the sarcasm)
luce_sunshine_ luce_sunshine_ May 02, 2016
Ok, I swear on the river Styx I did not read this sentence before my earlier comment