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The Bad Boy Next Door

The Bad Boy Next Door

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Caitlyn By caitberry Completed

Ella Pike is very popular. Everyone knows and loves her. She has a twin brother who is on the football team. She has a best friend, Layla, who has known her for her whole life. Layla is the only person who knows the real Ella. Ella is a goodie goodie and nerd. She has never been to a party, never been kissed, never been late for class, and has never skipped school. This all changes when Jake Lore lives with her.  Jake Lore is the school's bad boy. He could really care less about anything. He has two best friends, Nathan DeMille and Josh Miller. They don't talk to anyone except each other. Everyone at school knows them but are too scared to talk to them, and they should be. Jake, Nathan, and Josh aren't people you mess with. When Jake moves in with Ella, he didn't expect to be her friend. He was planning to ignore that she was even there, but things don't always go the way you plan.

Robinbatmanssidekick Robinbatmanssidekick Aug 16, 2016
I feel like, I feel like she should download wattpad and read her book
_bunny-life_ _bunny-life_ Nov 20, 2016
My friends name is Josh Miller. I threw my tabby when I read this. Hahah😂😂
KendallBrown235 KendallBrown235 Aug 21, 2016
My brothers name is Luke and everyone calls him that or lukey pookie
-TriGGered_ -TriGGered_ Jun 18, 2016
Bruh I would have punched her by now how do you even put up with screaming
officialcarlazuz officialcarlazuz Dec 21, 2016
It's weird how jocks are labeled "dumb"because at most schools, if you are on any sport team (football,soccer, or baseball at my school) you have to be passing in all classes or you're kicked off the team. So actually, most of the people on Varsity football are pretty smart in my school.
zoey_dawn zoey_dawn Dec 30, 2016
tbh if that was my house I'd just be wearing sweats and a t shirt with no shoes