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To Remember: A Selection Fan fiction

To Remember: A Selection Fan fiction

22.6K Reads 787 Votes 16 Part Story
12345678eden6 By 12345678eden6 Updated Dec 04, 2016

It has been one years since maxon married  kriss, and last saw America. The last thing he remembers was her tear stricken face, as she turned and ran out of the room. Kriss Has decided that they need an anniversary party, and guess who shows up to preform at the party....America. Old feeling stir,  who will Maxon Choose this time?

I want to thank Sternengalaxie for making this Amazing cover! Thanks so much! Go Check her out!

phan_friendship phan_friendship Nov 05, 2016
So the shooting didn't happen and maxon didn't realise that he couldn't live without her
Books_416 Books_416 Jun 19, 2016
How how did u make the cover did u find it online or was it an app?
AspiringViolist AspiringViolist Dec 22, 2016
I just fangirled a little too hard!!!!! I made an audible squeal as I fell off the couch 😍😍😍
kateyflynn1 kateyflynn1 Jul 06, 2016
Oh my gosh I love this book please keep going or I am going to,to alright I don't know what I will do so just keep writing!!!!!!😀😀😦😀😀😀
Cavalier_Spaniel Cavalier_Spaniel Jun 22, 2016
Squeeeee!!! Remember in the elite when he brought that up??!?!😍
fangirlIam fangirlIam Dec 23, 2016
*squeals and falls off bed fangirling* *mom barges into bedroom and sees her on the floor with her device clutched to her chest and squealing like a freak*