The Prince's Sacrifice

The Prince's Sacrifice

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Sixteen years ago a treaty was made with The Kitsune Village. The Son of Kurama and the prince of the Kitsune, would travel to Konaha when he is six and become a leaf Shinobi. Kurama the king sadly obeys, he shows his son how to hide himself so he would be accepted.

When the prince gets there he is abused on a daily basis, but he doesn't complain, to protect his subjects. But when the village betrays the contract he can not forgive them. 

Enter: Prince Naruto Kurama Kitsune

Unlink098 Unlink098 Sep 18
I like how you kept kurama a guy and so that they can have children regardless. I like it good job
vanicall32 vanicall32 May 01
I'm confused. Kurama is a girl in the pic, but a boy in the story. Anyone else notice that?
Foolish_One Foolish_One Apr 19
Hahahaha minoto. Took me a while to process. That makes me sloooowwwwww.....
Dr_Eye Dr_Eye Jun 11
Th-this story!! How did you get in my mind? This is classified information! I am Lord Kuama's head Guard and we pretend that we are all kitsune! You.........
bookygurl bookygurl Aug 08, 2015
Phew. I was worried for a second there... I thought you turned kurama into a girl and didn't tell us. ;P
bookygurl bookygurl Aug 08, 2015
The picture kinda looks like naruto's mom would if shedressed that way, had whisker marks, and let kurama's chakra flow in her. In other words, totally like a girl. No offence, but it does.