The Prince's Sacrifice

The Prince's Sacrifice

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Sixteen years ago a treaty was made with The Kitsune Village. The Son of Kurama and the prince of the Kitsune, would travel to Konaha when he is six and become a leaf Shinobi. Kurama the king sadly obeys, he shows his son how to hide himself so he would be accepted.

When the prince gets there he is abused on a daily basis, but he doesn't complain, to protect his subjects. But when the village betrays the contract he can not forgive them. 

Enter: Prince Naruto Kurama Kitsune

Unlink098 Unlink098 Sep 18, 2016
I like how you kept kurama a guy and so that they can have children regardless. I like it good job
vanicall32 vanicall32 May 01, 2016
I'm confused. Kurama is a girl in the pic, but a boy in the story. Anyone else notice that?
Foolish_One Foolish_One Apr 19, 2016
Hahahaha minoto. Took me a while to process. That makes me sloooowwwwww.....
AbbyThePanda1 AbbyThePanda1 Dec 19, 2016
Oh wow. O-ok then. This is gonna be one of those stories you have to get used to I think. (No offense! I hope I'm not being offensive!)
Dr_Eye Dr_Eye Jun 11, 2016
Th-this story!! How did you get in my mind? This is classified information! I am Lord Kuama's head Guard and we pretend that we are all kitsune! You.........
bookygurl bookygurl Aug 08, 2015
Phew. I was worried for a second there... I thought you turned kurama into a girl and didn't tell us. ;P