Savior ↛ Phan

Savior ↛ Phan

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"Why are you always so sad and gloomy?"

"What's so wrong with being sad?"


17381983e 17381983e Jan 23
You've know him for what, two minutes and you say " as always " Dan you card
mukeability mukeability 6 days ago
What is this project going to be on if they haven't learned anything yet teacher logic lmao
No he wants to FEEL happiness, he just hasn't had the OPPORTUNITY to.
                              Now could u two stop asking crazy questions about each other and start becomes boy- er, BEST friends now???
No u won't be friends...
                              You'll be BEST friends that turn into BOY friends!
Hey hey hey woAH calm down there dude.
                              Don't get all insulty in this house.
What is he? The human stone or something???
                              God damn I can't even sit still for 5 seconds without clicking a pen or tapping a pencil or doodling on paper!