Savior ↛ Phan

Savior ↛ Phan

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"Why are you always so sad and gloomy?"

"What's so wrong with being sad?"


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Led_rider88 Led_rider88 Nov 25
2 guys sitting in a hOt tub 
                              5 feet apArt CUz they're nOt Gay
kazumixoxo kazumixoxo 3 days ago
Fück love! Unless it's Dan and Phil that are in love. In that case, love is okay I guess
knownopain knownopain Dec 10
loud sigh, this song has been stuck in my head for days thanks
                              If you are happy ALL THE TIME 
                              How will you know what happy is? In a way, if you experience sadness, or negative emotions, you know what it's like to be happy.
i dont enjoy being forced to be creative with a subject that doesnt inspire me, idk about you
I have a project due tomorrow and imma act like i didn't know I was supposed to do half. So I'm reading this now 😂