Savior ↛ Phan

Savior ↛ Phan

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"Why are you always so sad and gloomy?"

"What's so wrong with being sad?"


IT'S ALL FLIPPITY FLOPPED ( I was going to say the tables turned but someone beat me to it.)
Maddie0805 Maddie0805 Nov 22
When they said thuds,  I imagined Jamie stomping on the stairs
Totally apart from the story but I was just reading a novel on Wattpad and I've never felt more out of place
                              Let me rant 
                              If you don't have sadness imagine if you lose someone or something that you really love you won't just be like '"Whoopydie doop doo my dog that i had since I was born just died in going to go skip down a hill now yay!" That's messed up
Thats me everytime a partner project comes along because im ether an outcast that works with an outcast or the partners are made by the teacher