Levi x Male!Reader!

Levi x Male!Reader!

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My Levi x Male!Reader story.

Hope you enjoy it.

Amazing cover by ZuriFost02

Attack On Titan(c) Hajime Isayama 
You(c) Yourself

kariared kariared Oct 26
A man with short stature, steel grey blue eyes, black hair a shaven under cut
Raven423 Raven423 Jun 13
Ps im not male but i was looking for some ereri and this came up
WolfieFoxy WolfieFoxy Oct 03
I hate my life because I kept thinking that Mikasa is Eren sister
                              CAN I KILL MYSELF?!
But everything changed when the Colossal Titan attacked......
                              *attack on titan theme*
lionchezze lionchezze Nov 23
Hes parents been dead but he lived with his grandfather then they he had to keep down the popultion so they sent people to go do farming bitch got eaten i think
There's like, more than 500 of them. More than humanity. But we have our short, human nuke... L e v i .