Levi x Male!Reader!

Levi x Male!Reader!

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My Levi x Male!Reader story.

Hope you enjoy it.

Amazing cover by ZuriFost02

Attack On Titan(c) Hajime Isayama 
You(c) Yourself

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From what I know or from what I read in books they died wanting trying to escape the walls to see beyond
Crystalline_Circus Crystalline_Circus Oct 11, 2017
Is in the English voice actor the same guy who did Kirito (should I even freaking spell that right) my point is That dubs suck
ShippingYaoi ShippingYaoi Dec 27, 2017
Lmao I'm too cold hearted to cry over dead bodies that I used to know
this part in the anime got me triggered,pumped up, and crying
Armins parents died because they went outside of the walls to explore, and when they died Armin was left with his grandpa, so you are correct that they are dead but they died before the colossal titan came and broke the wall with the Armored titan.
TheDumbo TheDumbo Oct 18, 2017
                              *looks at the melting ice caps*
                              Just put them there.