Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart

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-voidbiles By -voidbiles Updated Jul 03

Sequel To "Scott's Mate"


Ariana Hale just arrived back to Beacon Hills from London. She reunites with the McCall pack, happy as can be. 

But of course, Beacon Hills will always attract the supernatural. Ariana faces a lot of different problems, she never faced before. But she's not alone this time... She has her friends standing by her side.


Season 5 ✔

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HogwartzPrincess HogwartzPrincess Oct 31, 2017
It was set up why else would I beta be able to win when 2 alphas couldent
sleepynusrat sleepynusrat Aug 04, 2017
                              YALL THOUGHT I WAS GONE
                              probably didnt care but
                              IM BACK AND IM RE-READING MAWHAWHAWH
xo_melina_ox_ xo_melina_ox_ Aug 01, 2017
All the people are commenting '1D!!!!!!!!' And I'm over here like where the fak is jackson
I_Shawn_Mendes I_Shawn_Mendes Jul 21, 2017
i loveee louis and zayn😍😍😍😍...they are my favorite 💋
wxxnks wxxnks Jul 11, 2017
Lol Kira's like Pootie Tang
                              Sine your Pitty on the runny kine
Is Zayn there too. 
                              If anyone comments about how Zayn left I'm gonna have to cut a hoe.