Lesbian • j.g.+ c.d.

Lesbian • j.g.+ c.d.

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❝ I'm lesbian but I think I love him ❞

This is a Jack Gilinsky and Cameron Dallas fan fiction.


•bwwm story•

Cover: booty_had_me_like-oh

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angel7273 angel7273 Dec 06, 2016
YASSSS MIXED GANG I'm like a chocolate and vanilla swirl..!!
-SydneyLailaGreene- -SydneyLailaGreene- Aug 06, 2016
Um... Excuse me? Excuse me? Ok. *when black girls start clapping when they get mad* What's wrong with us black people? Excuse me? Want me to beat yo āss? You think I'm scared of you? Oh, I thought so
-whoreable -whoreable Sep 15, 2016
*laughs for a long periodically time*
                              Willy and Tez about to beat your ass.
Blueunicorns67 Blueunicorns67 Sep 14, 2016
I'm black and I am white as hell like as white as this⬜️
angel7273 angel7273 Dec 06, 2016
Shït I'm white and black and I know I'm Ghetto As FÜCK😂😂
KataChu KataChu Jan 25, 2016
Dude if you're gay and you love a guy you're provably biromantic