Call Me Ciel

Call Me Ciel

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Emo Soap Daddy By BandsOrBust Completed

In this Sebaciel AU, Ciel has lost his memories. The only thing he can remember was his name.

Ciel and Lizzy have been in a relationship for years now. They were getting serious, for two seventeen year olds, when Ciel had his accident, causing him to be in a coma for three weeks and lose his memories.

Ciel is the main character for a television series titled Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji. His accident happened on the set of the fifth season shooting. When Elizabeth and Sebastian were told of Ciel's condition, they were both brought to tears. Sebastian's were in private and Elizabeth's was right then and there.

Sebastian Michaelis has always had feelings for his co-star. Now that Ciel has lost all of his memories of Elizabeth, what will the TV demon butler do?

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Havannah_ender Havannah_ender Mar 29, 2017
Bîtch u been screaming dat name once of course it's familiar
_Adare_ _Adare_ Jun 13, 2017
How the actual hell did Ciel get out of the hospital undetected?
Icantor Icantor May 15, 2017
*glass shattering noise* ignore that....that was just my heart of ice shattering into little itty bitty pieces
TheBookFiend13 TheBookFiend13 Sep 20, 2017
Is no-one going to comment that
                              The hospital is falling down
                              Falling down
                              Falling down
                              The hospital is falling down
                              My fair Lady
                              That also explains why there aren't many people.
InternetBesties InternetBesties Jan 17, 2016 lizzy tho....hmmm. I APPROVE. HEART REDEEMED❤
Bentooooo Bentooooo Jul 17, 2015
Its awesome so far!!Beautifully written. Can't wait for the next chapter!~JCOTTEN2001