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Becoming a Soldier (Hetalia/Gerita)

Becoming a Soldier (Hetalia/Gerita)

5.4K Reads 236 Votes 10 Part Story
Alicat By Alicat_Writes Completed

Germany finds Italy alone in the woods and decides to take him as a prisoner. After realizing he isn't a threat, he decides to make Italy one of his allies. Does Italy have what it takes to finally become a worthy soldier, or will Germany's investment in him be a waste?
{Dedicated to my sister @Sealandlover and friend @headintheclouds123}
(Hetalia and it's characters are not mine, nor is this cover picture.)

YaoiShipper69 YaoiShipper69 Dec 22, 2016
I saw in a headcanon Italy was skilled with a gun during the war
headintheclouds123 headintheclouds123 Jul 19, 2015
@Emerald_Angel7're great~
                              When I was you....I was and still am horrible XD
headintheclouds123 headintheclouds123 Jul 19, 2015
                              You have so much talent...maybe more than me -.-
                              Also, good job updating so fast~ LIKE A ROBOT....JK~
                              I can't wait for the next chapter and bai~!!!
Alicat_Writes Alicat_Writes Jul 18, 2015
I thought so too. thanks for the tip!!! I wasn't sure what to put instead of Germany. :)
headintheclouds123 headintheclouds123 Jul 18, 2015
The things I think you could maybe fix, constructive critiscm here, dun hate meh, is instead of saying Germany all the time, you could maybe say "the blue eyed nation blah blah blah blah", or "the tall man did blah blah blah as hr blah blah blahed"...if that made sense...