Royally Rejected

Royally Rejected

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"Queen Storm, you are indeed pregnant." The castle doctor informed me with a soft smile. "You're about nine weeks along. Your estimated due date is December 14th but werewolf pregnancies are a little different from human ones. The baby might be born a month or two early so dont be surprised if you go into labor earlier then expected. Do not fear, Queen Storm. There's a 98% chance that the baby will be just fine. Here is a picture. Ill see you June 17th. Do you have any questions?" 

Im pregnant. With Ashtons baby. What do I do? I have to tell him. Its his kid too! 

But.. the other kings. They will use my baby against me. No harm can come to my child. "Miss Davis, I want only a handful of people to know about my child. I will not leave this castle for anything until my child is old enough to learn how to fight." I command.

"As you wish Queen." With that she leaves. I drop my head in my hands

I am sorry Ashton but you cannot know of your child.. Yet.

emmagoR5 emmagoR5 Feb 21
I'm also taking it the one in Australia also is king over New Zealand
-Leonard -Leonard Aug 20, 2015
This story is amazing, the plot is really different and I love it, totally hooked!!