Soren's Legacy

Soren's Legacy

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(Book Three of The Criminal's Mate. You don't have to read book one and two first, but it is advised. If you don't, this book will contain spoilers and you will be a little lost in certain areas.)

Legacy: A thing handed down by a predecessor. Synonyms: Effect, upshot, spin-off... Consequence. 

When Soren was killed, a wave of freedom was washed over the Deleon family. No more worry. No more looking over their shoulder. But when he died, he left something behind. He left someone behind. 

 Xander is now twenty-three, at the peak of his youth, and happier than ever. Taylor and Dominic have had a peaceful life, no more interruptions. Xander's life is good, almost perfect. He's just missing one thing: His Mate. 

When Xander was sixteen, he met his life long best friend, Samuel. He was always there for Xander, through thick and thin. And now a Junior in college, his life is really starting, and of course, there's Samuel still by his side.

After being forced to go to a party, Xander meets his Mate. But there's just one issue. The human girl doesn't want anything to do with him, and for a really good reason. Of course, Samuel is his shoulder to cry on when Xander is in his weakest state. 

But Xander is determined to get this girl to at least spare a glance in his direction. And when he starts shoving himself into this girls life, he realizes what he's really gotten himself into.

Sitting in the shadows, is Soren's spin-off; his effect, his consequence.

 His legacy.

  • action
  • adventure
  • mystery
  • romance
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This is me all year-round, I can't stand being hot when I sleep!!!