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The Mysterious Type?

The Mysterious Type?

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Jazu By NotThatOrdinaryType Updated Dec 31, 2016

"Hey there. Are you my new visitor?" A boy asked as he walked towards the woman by the doorway. The woman smiles sadly.

"Mh-hm. They told me it's my turn to play with you." She crouched down to the boy and embraced him in a warm hug.

"But I haven't met you before...have I?" The boy's tone grew dark.

"We have... you just don't remember..." The woman giggled softly as he petted the boy's soft hair. The boy, hugs back, seemingly enjoying the warmth he was receiving. 

But it just goes back to being cold you know?

"Ayato-kun!" A girl calls out. Ayato turns around, his hands pocketed. Unknown to many, he was gripping his fist, his palm already bleeding. What reason? Unknown as well.

"Let's eat lunch!" She grinned, tilting her head. Ayato smiled, taking both hands out. None of them were bleeding, nor were bruised.

"Is he there too?" The girl nodded. She grabbed his wrist and dragged him with her.

"Hey, hold up... You just cant just drag me!" Ayato barked.

"Nope~ I can!" The girl ran, causing Ayato to run as well, but people multiplied, the shadows grew and all his vision could see was all grey and black. All over again.

Ayato brought his hands to hold both elbows. He let out a white smoke of a breath. He looks up to the never ending black space hovering over his head. Teal colored eyes, piercing through the dark.

"It's cold again."

South-Italy South-Italy Jun 30, 2016
Kuroko no basket is the best do I say that to all 7 of my fav animes
-JoelJuice- -JoelJuice- Oct 04, 2016
*Pushes through all the fangirls to Ayato and Haruhi*
IsabellaAngelus IsabellaAngelus Jul 03, 2016
It's not like I'm excited to go to this school or anything. B-baka.
Meow38 Meow38 Jan 03
The bee movie but every time the word 'bee' is said the entire Harry Potter series plays but every time 'Harry Potter' is said the titanic plays (I'm really sorry)
motherbluejay motherbluejay Apr 03, 2016
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back
OtakuGirl12315 OtakuGirl12315 Nov 24, 2015
Oh and plz update I like this story ever since I began to read it