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White Rose Tea (RWBY: Ruby/Weiss)

White Rose Tea (RWBY: Ruby/Weiss)

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Briar By Brightbriar Completed

"The White Stag had been open for a while now. The fashionable, almost boutique coffee shop, like all coffee shops, had its regular customers. The ones that grabbed something quickly on the way to work. The ones that came daily during their lunch break...There was even a writer who sat for hours in the back corner by the window, typing away on a laptop, meeting with publishers and editors as if it was her office.

But none of these regulars were quite like Ruby Rose."



Ruby and Weiss shipping. Weiss works in a coffee shop where she meets Ruby. Ruby continues to come in to the shop and feels happen.
**disclaimer!! I don't own RWBY or its characters**


(For non-RWBY people, White Rose is the ship name for Ruby and Weiss. Also, there are some Hetalia references scattered throughout ^^)

DylanDenny DylanDenny Mar 22
"Weiss, baby. I can't answer that question, but I can say is this; 'Keep calm... and carry on.'" 
                              -Stud. thrusting his pelvis.
I'm glad its finally the other way around where Weiss likes ruby
FunDipTimes FunDipTimes Mar 15
Heh heh heh heh heh is that Canadian's name Matthew or am I trying to hard to make a Hetalia reference?
Note to self: NOT do human in front of blake.... She knows everything
I ain't giving you no tree fiddy you goddamm loch Ness monster!
ThatOneSmolChild ThatOneSmolChild Dec 20, 2016
That's racist..... I only put maple syrup on my bacon, pancakes and my French toast thank you very much HMPPPFFF .....
                              Lol jk on the racist part