(a little bit more than) A Saucerful of Love

(a little bit more than) A Saucerful of Love

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V. Magdalena Tuttner By gin_666 Updated Dec 06, 2015

Mid of July, 2015

It was a hot, sunny summer day, not a single cloud up in the sky, just a soft breeze blowing trough the trees.

A few metres away from a restaurant, you could see two persons walking there, an elder short one and a young tall one.

"Have you got it Ruby?" the old lady asked as they arrived the forecourt of the restaurant.

"Noo, I just act like I do" the girl who was with her rolled her eyes and gave her the stone.

The lady just rolled her eyes as well, let out a sigh and started to search for a good place to put the stone at.

"Why do we even have to hide it? Why can't we just gave it to her?? And why the heck does it have to be disguised as a stone????",moaned Ruby.

"This shit is so complicated, how will she even find out how it works???"

"Because of the magic." the lady snapped back. "and she will find out, don't worry"

"Magic magic, always that useless magic! But are you sure this is the right place, Violet?" Ruby replied as the lady hid it between the cobble...