My Secret Mate (boyxboy) [SK series]

My Secret Mate (boyxboy) [SK series]

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My first boyxboy so sorry if it has a few mistakes, it's not exactly perfect! THIS IS THE SAME ONE AS BEFORE!

Shane --> 

*Shane's P.O.V*

Today has got to be the worst day of my life.

You see, it's supposed to be my birthday, my 17th, when I finally find my mate - even though I was a 'late bloomer' as the pack doctor says. Usually, these things would go like this: Find your mate, mark her, and then live happily ever after. Unfortunately for me it was a little different because, well, I was gay -had been since I was 13 years old, barely even a pup. Oh Yeah, and I'm a wolf...werewolf

Mates are basically your other half in life, the one who loves you and you love them. You're supposed to be like two parts of a puzzle and fit perfectly together. Too bad it was rare to find your mate, meaning half the pack still haven't found theirs and probably won't - this means that they may have to settle for a human. No offence to them, but it is less appealing than a soul-mate.

I was currently in...

Oh sit even better...... In the preview I thought it said bitch please I am ur mother.... But that's even better shiiiiittt
MistressofNight MistressofNight Sep 18, 2017
Well I love the par where you talk to Lucas and slap him and call him a bitch! Now that was funny 😂😂
DarkLoveAngel DarkLoveAngel Sep 20, 2017
Assholes probably gay and too scared to even admit it to himself
babylove111l babylove111l Sep 14, 2017
You're drinking when your pregnant I hope the child will be okay
The hell if you’re gonna have a child take care of it. Christ