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Mikey Luke Mitchell By mikeyluke Updated Jun 28, 2011

The universe is great, it provides everything we need to survive. Survival though is a very boring subject. Here in Inverse, it's all about fun. Leave reality behind and log in to the world of your dreams. 
Inverse - Life and more. 

Will Johnson was a respected and powerful player in the Inverse virtual reality game, but now he seems to be a target. From who? he does not know, but the enemy has many followers, in unexpected places. Will Johnson and his friends have to prepare for the fight to save over four million people logged in, including the love of his life - Rachael.
Inverse is a fantasy, but the danger is very real.

mikeyluke mikeyluke Jul 11, 2011
@WordLover Thanks for your comment! and thanks for fanning Yeah I have changed the tense on my computer version. Just to let you know, if you read on some of the chapter 4 and 2 are subject to change soon! 
WordLover WordLover Jul 11, 2011
Good job so far! =)
                              There are a few parts where the tenses change. So you may want to go through and choose the tense you want to stick with!
mikeyluke mikeyluke Feb 09, 2011
@SilverLady Thank you very much! I doubt I will ever get that popular on here because i find the general users on here prefer romance and vampire flicks lol but I don't mind, it gives me somewhere to post my creativity at least :) Thank you again :) 
MyStackRomance MyStackRomance Dec 16, 2010
Now this is my kind of story to read. I think u done a good job on this. I'll be sure to keep an eye out for updates on this :) well doone @mikeyluke 
mikeyluke mikeyluke Dec 15, 2010
@TheOrangutan Hey thanks, of course I don't mind constructive criticism and I agree yeah, Thank you for taking the time to read it, I hope you enjoy the rest of it! 
evangheline evangheline Dec 13, 2010
I love this its very original and captivating, well thought out, ill definately continue reading