"My Bambino," "And My Papa."

"My Bambino," "And My Papa."

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This story used to me called It All Started With A Pacifier.

This is a MANxBOY! So please be aware that it is two WILLING MALES, one will be freshly turned eighteen year old (the baby) and a twenty-three year old (the daddy).

I kick my legs while letting out a high pitched cry around my deep purple paci, my diaper is wet and now my bum is itchy! I let out another wail just as papa walks through the door quickly and cradles me to his chest after picking me up "shhh, it's all alright now my little bambino. Does someone have a wet diaper, huh? That is all good, papa is here." he continues to coo to me as he lays me down on the heated changing table then he unzips my winter onesie. 

Papa pulls my legs out of the warm fluffy clothing and lifts them up after unstrapping my dirty nappy and pulled it away, wiping me down with some cool baby wipes papa pulls out a tube of cream to put on my itchy burning bum cheeks. "Papa!" I whine while sniffling. "It is all good now Bambino, papa is all done now," he fixes me up and cuddles me to his chest. 

And to think, this all started with a pacifier!

Maybe a job too, teehee.

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Pwincess-Baby Pwincess-Baby Sep 12, 2017
This seriously has to happen in his office. :) it'll be great. I love rereading it mutlipe times.
petite98 petite98 Feb 11
Loved it!  
                              He is so lucky to have a father figure like connor... 
ElysiaGee ElysiaGee Jan 14
Me going through all my crushes social media with an assortment of snacks
Ddlook17 Ddlook17 Nov 20, 2017
I'm Italian, and I think the correct translate is "Mi piace essere necessario"
Morsilva Morsilva Mar 06, 2017
Hi, um, so i just randomly noticed one of the tags for this story said "confussion".. Did you mean 'confession' or 'confusion'?