Bad Blood (BoyxBoy)

Bad Blood (BoyxBoy)

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Spiro96Beliectioner By Spiro96Beliectioner Updated Dec 15, 2016


Jason licked his lips, "So, I still don't get why you stare at me all the time..."

"Because you're hot." I blurted, before widening my eyes.

Did I really just say that? Oh Lord, he's gonna beat me up... Oh no, who'd I have to say something as stupid as that? I'm not even supposed to be gay.

"Because you don't look like a librarian, I mean!" I tried to correct myself, but the long pause I just took wasnt helping my case.

Jason laughed a bit, still scrubbing my face with the rag, "Close your eyes." He instructed.

"I swear it came out wrong," I blushed, closing my eyes nervously.

He gently wiped the rag over my lips, before I felt something less wet than the rag touch my lips, and a lot more smoother



I thought it said a straight boy but then I read it again! 😂😂
jolinsky1992 jolinsky1992 Dec 30, 2015
Sasha from the bratz? Nooo Dont leave Jade, yazmine, Nor Chloe 😭😭😭
bieberiffic bieberiffic Jul 23, 2015
Update!! This story is really addicting even though it's only the first chapter!